can Prashna Shastra give you right prediction

We all know there are many different types of astrology and professional astrologers that practice in different areas with a variety of expertise. Prashna Shastra or Horary astrology helps to answer your specific questions, constructing a horoscope based on the time the question is asked.

To me being a professional astrologer it is really incredible that an exact situation, the motives, the expressive state of the involved persons and the exact outcome of a question can be fully explored and analyzed by his stars. It is a solution concerned with a fast method compared to natal astrology that relies on the birth date of a person.

Principles of dynamic horary

Horary charts are generally cast for questions.. Horary astrology is the use of horoscopic charts drawn for the moment the question has been asked. A question asked in any second of time is simply a reflection of a higher event, celestially, cosmically and so can be careful of a fractal of ever progressively larger fractals universally. In that sense what is down here and what is up there is not actually down here or up there at all because down here and up there is really part of the entire event or what is happening right now.

What kind of questions can be asked?

Prashna Shastra or Horary astrology has its own system and diverse areas of the chart reveal different matters – for example it can be about love life, home, Marriage, Legal issue, Health related, Education, Pregnancy, Career Opportunity, etc.

Here are all the kinds of topics that can be addressed through horary.

1st house: appearance, life, vitality.

2nd house: possessions, finances, material things one owns.

3rd house: siblings, short distance trips, early education.

4th house: home, parents, family, one’s private or inner life.

5th house: sex, pleasure, entertainment, pregnancy, children.

6th house: one’s means of making money, one’s subordinates, illnesses, injuries.

7th house: relationships, marriage, business partnerships.

8th house: other’s finances, inheritance, death.

9th house: long distance travel, higher education, religion, publishing.

10th house: one’s praxis, one’s career, reputation, bosses.

11th house: one’s friends, friends in high places, alliances.

12th house: one’s rivals and enemies, imprisonment, loss, catastrophe, illness.

Predicting outcomes

Prediction in horary is determined by the condition of the significations and whether they go on to create an aspect to each other. For something to happen, the significations must be about to form an aspect. The orb of the aspect simply shows how much time will elapse before something happens.

What I can do for you with Horary Astrology

Sometimes we do not know the why behind the answer. What’s more essential is to get the right answer. So do you have an important question about you or you just want to understand your decision-making things better.

Being a Professional Astrologer, I assure you that I will give you the answer to all your queries and also suggest to you the way and remedy to avoid any misfortune. I am here to help you always just feel free to ask me, I’m a call away to you!