Hinduism has very valuable rituals and vidhis related to its existence. Each ritual frame awareness is associated with a highly advanced methodology of the beneficiary. Havan is considered an important part of every Puja. The divinity and purity that Havan can create is far greater than any other process. A Homa or Havan is a sacred Hindu ritual in which offerings are made to the fire.

Fire is considered the main element of Havan or Homy and belongs to the five main elements that exist. It is said that offerings made in holy fires it cleanse the environment and the people around it & their aura. It is also believed to block any negative energy. This fire is probably the main link between cosmic consciousness and human consciousness.

Havan runs around Havana Kund. This fireplace is usually decorated with colorful flowers, leaves, beans and cereals. The goals used in Havana practice are a special blend of herbs, roots, dried fruits, trees and pure butter, and they serve as abstinence from Havan Kund’s fire. This is accompanied by another powerful medium, the Sanskrit Mantra.

Type of Havan

कालसर्प दोष शांति (Kaalasarp Dosh Shaanti)

मांगलिक शांति (Maangalik Shaanti)

नवग्रह शांति (Navagrah Shaanti)

महामृत्युंजय पाठ (Mahaamrtyunjay Paath)

नवचंडी पाठ (Navachandee Paath)

गायत्री मंत्र पाठ (Gaayatree Mantr Paath)

पितृ दोष शांति (Pitr Dosh Shaanti)

रुद्राभिषेक (Rudraabhishek)

मूल शांति (Mool Shaanti)

अमावस्या शांति (Amaavasya Shaanti)

पंचक शांति (Panchak Shaanti)

भूमि पूजन (Bhoomi Poojan)

वास्तु शांति (Vaastu Shaanti)

मृत संजीवनी पाठ (Matr Sanjeevanee Paath)