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As we know there are 12 zodiac signs in astrology which are ruled by seven planets, 27 nakshatras and 12 Bhav. An individual’s personality can be understood by exploring their moon sign as well as it reflects their inner self and instincts. So that’s why I am here for solving your all life problems. To take an avail of astrology consultation online book your appointment with me now!

In Astrology, it is believed that every human being has fortune based on what work he/she performs during the entire life and the nine planets have immense effects on the lives of humans. Being the best astrology consultation in Delhi, Samyak Astro Point is the place for all your astrology questions.

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How are the Horoscope cards formed?

Forecasting one’s future by astrology involves preparing natal charts or horoscopes. The place of birth, the time of birth and the date of birth of a person play an essential role in determining what their future holds for them. We use this information to know the correct positions of the planets, signs of the zodiac & bhav (Houses) and once they are properly determined they can construct the individual’s horoscope or natal chart (Janam Kundli Or Janam Patri).

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Through Vedic astrology, one can get knowledge about one’s inner being, their true purpose in life, their choices and Karma.

Sun Sign : – Gives you insights of personality and nature etc.

Moon Sign :- It tells you about one’s inner self and instincts.

Planets :- Destiny is associated with its positions

Ascendant :- The sign rising over horizon at the time of birth.

Twelve Houses in horoscope :- It defines different areas of one’s life.

Nakshatras : -It determines the in-depth character of an individual.

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