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Astrology is an art that can be learnt, no-one is born with it. You will find Deepak Sharma is one of the names for astro consultant in Delhi. Today, the knowledge that I have, has been bestowed upon me by my Guruji Shri Pradeep Kumar Ji and Meenu Sharma Ji, established names in this field. Their constant guidance has allowed me to further guide anyone who seeks my help.

With their blessings, today I, Deepak Sharma at Samyak Astro Point can call myself an Astro consultant (Astrologer) having a fair amount of experience & knowledge in this field. In this journey, over several years now, I have handled clients across India & abroad, thus contributing to my learning as well as the research. I don’t say I am the best in this field but certainly the best astro consultant in Delhi you will find.

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I believe every individual has some passion & Astrology is mine. I want to be the first name when you need an astro consultant in Delhi. It is this passion that connects me to what I love the most, i.e. understanding the psyche of those around me. I try to utilize my knowledge in predicting / identifying the root cause of unexpected issues and problems one is facing, only after which, I try to come up with ways / remedies to their difficulties.

As for the professional qualifications, I worked as an HR manager in an IT firm. Over the years, after gaining a significant experience trying my hands on this passion along with fulfilling my professional responsibilities, I have come to understand that this passion along with my professional knowledge (of an HR), together have helped me immensely in fulfilling the needs of my clients and grow as one of the best astro consultant in Delhi.

Every horoscope is unique, their problems, issues & even solutions are bound to differ. Unlike God himself, there is no human on this earth who can accurately predict what is going to happen. Being an astro consultant in Delhi I do suggest ways to combat & sometimes, lessen the harm it might do to them with the help of several tools like Prashna Shastra, Numerology, Astrology and Vaastu Shastra.


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