Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra offers practical guidelines to bring positive energy and harmony into your home and life. The orientation of the rooms in a home has a direct impact on the positive energy that flows through the building. Vastu Shastra has grown out of life. It has its techniques of identification with nature. Life and destiny are a part of the universal fabric of nature.

Today, Vastu Shastra is yet to be discovered and systematized. And that is why some intellectuals may have a reckless urge to dismiss it as totally irrelevant. ground-less and even superstitious. But as a matter of fact, this science has outlasted the history of modern science and it continues to yield amazing powerful results on many people in their lives and works.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Purusha pinned down facing earth with his head in the North-East direction and leg towards South-West direction.

Vastu -Shastra is a vast and ancient science of living. The word Vastu is derived from the root ‘Vas’ which means ‘to reside’. Vastu means dwelling of Humans and Gods in the original Sanskrit literature. Many factors govern the life of a human being; his fate, Karma and surroundings. But Vastu can make sweet things sweeter and bitter less bitter.

Like many of our traditions, Vastu too got neglected over the centuries for want of patronage; hence the present society could not very much appreciate and utilise this science in their construction of house, shops, office or industrial complexes. If construction is not according to the principles of “Vastu” then thinking and action of the people dwelling or working in these places is not harmonious and evolutionary; leading to disorder & illness.

Basic Principles of Vaastu

Since the whole universe is a composition of five basic elements: Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water. Through these, our body receives Internal Energies in the form of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats etc. and External Energies in the form of Heat, Light, Sound, Wind and so on. The basic principles of Vastu enables us to achieve balance among these; giving more flexibility of body & mind for a better life. When the harmony between these elements gets disturbed our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension and ill health and our peace of mind is destroyed.

By following the Vastu tips, we are trying to overcome mental discomfort and attain peace of mind. With Vastu, we are not changing our destiny. We are only trying to smoothen our lives. Destiny always prevails. But by using remedial measures as provided by Vastu, one can reduce the difficulties of one’s life.

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Is Vaastu Shastra related to Astrology?

It cannot be denied that Vastu Shastra is related to astrology to some extent. If in the horoscopes of people the stars Saturn, Mars, Harshal and Neptune are prominent and if the entrance of the houses of these people are in the South they get success in their work. When the stars of the head of the family are prominent, he does not feel the effects of the faulty construction to that extent. When the stars of the head the of family are under bad influence the doubly bad effects of faulty stars and faulty construction are to be borne. But when the entire structure is according to Vastu Shastra and the stars of the head of the family are under bad influence the bad effects are reduced to a large extent due to auspicious energy.


The flow of energy dissipated by wind stops at the boundary of water. Hence the word of Feng-Shui means Wind & water respectively. In Feng-Shui there are good numbers of remedial measures for rectifying the Vastu mistakes in existing buildings both within and outside the premises. Some of the remedial measures are as under:

1.) Mirrors cure

2.) Bagua mirror

3.) Crystals

4.) Lights

5.) Sounds

6.) Colours

7.) Heavy objects

8.) Plants

9.) Bamboo flutes

10.) Electrical Equipment

11.) Water fountains

12.) Energy Symbols