Prashna Shastra

Horary astrologer, also called Prashna Shastra is an important part of astrology. Prasna Marga is a unique work on Hindu astrology, natal and horary (‘Prashna‘ means ‘Horary‘), that appears to be a major classical text covering every aspect of human existence.

We all know that we all have some work and dream to complete. It is a fact that everybody looks for some answers to some of the most important questions about their life at some point of time. Samyak Astro Point will analyze your horary horoscope and calculate your time to advise you to handle the condition in a better way.

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The Prashna branch is another unique division of Vedic Astrology. When a person asks a question to an astrologer, based on the time at which the question is asked, a horoscope is made for that time and date. With the help of this chart the astrologer predicts about the events that are going to take place. Prashna Shastra is a division that needs absolute expertness and professional analysis. Deepak Sharma at Samyak Astro Point offers you to get the best possible help. He has an understanding of all facts of horoscopic dictums. I always ensure higher accuracy of predictions for my clients.

Prashna Shastra Kundali based on the astrological analysis of your situation. The principle can be applied, when the Prasna deals with Success or Failure of an undertaking. The answers to such questions are usually “Yes”, “No”, or “Yes” after effort and difficulties.

Prashna Shastra is a different form of birth horoscope which has all the information about the entire life of a human being. This astrology chart provides answers to only one specific question for which it is created. However, the method of prediction is more or less similar. Deepak Sharma is here for you to help you. If you are feeling not good and want proper guidance for your horoscopes, then Samyak Astro Point can help you to solve your problems with the Prashna Shastra.


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