Astrology still retains its importance in the form of ‘Third Eye’

Newton, the great astronomical scientist of the century, made his own horoscope on the basis of ‘Lal Kitab’. In such a situation, Newton realized that the horoscope made by palmistry & astrology is capable of revealing the exploits of a person in the blink of an eye. Astrology is basically an exploration of the future whereas science is an exploration of the past and the present. Science seeks out what is it today? What is the reason? But astrology searches for what will happen tomorrow? What will be the result?

In all the ancient civilizations of the world, there has been a tradition of astrology and astronomy and this knowledge has also been exchanged. In the written history of human civilization, two parallel currents have been running continuously. There is a stream of pure planetary calculations, which is called mathematical astrology. The second stream is called resultant astrology. In comparison to mathematical astrology, the resultant astrology, i.e. ‘Lal Kitab’, spread and flourished over time. After the 12th century, only commentaries on the principle texts of astrology were written, while mathematics has remained confined to the pages of astrology.

It is noteworthy that there have been many popular forms of astrology – palmistry, facial science, sign science, horoscope science, numerology, ornithology, dream science, Tantric, Hora Shastra etc. It has also been the pillar of livelihood of many people. 

One has to ponder, about astrology that if the human society does not have knowledge of it, then fast-festivals, birthdays of great men, religious festivals, etc. will not be properly understood. An Indian farmer is also familiar with practical astrology. He knows very well that in which constellation there is good rain. Therefore, when should the seeds be planted so that the crop is good. If the Indian farmer does not have the basic working knowledge of astrology, then most of the labor will be in vain.

The reality is that today’s science is a minor disciple of ancient astrology and a cousin of Ayurveda astrology. Astrology is needed to counter the mysteries of creation theory and to know the exact time of archeology. In such a thing a person wants to establish the identity of his life with everything in the universe. This tendency of his has compelled to establish the relation of life with astrology. As a result, he wants to have a direct vision of the astrological elements within his life. In such a situation, astrology gave the knowledge of the nine planets to the solar world. According to zoology, the primitive man used to know the basic elements of Ayurveda and astrology through his yoga-knowledge and fulfill the physical and spiritual needs. The reason for this is that the man of that period was fully acquainted with the day, night, side, ayan and varshadi Kalangas. That is why astrology was considered the reason for the creation and destruction of the nation in Vedic philosophy.

In ancient times, the process of forecasting the future of rare literature and astrologers was done in puzzled complicated languages, as it appears from looking at the ‘Lal Kitab’. In spite of the complicated prophecies, their meanings became self-evident when the time came. In all the ancient civilizations of the world, the priests and priests of the temples used to do the work of future study and prediction (according to Lal Kitab). Along with this, the priests also used to do this work. More or less remains of this tradition exist even today.

In 1942, Hitler appointed Kraft (Hitler’s personal astrologer and spiritual Advisor)- “How long has the war-smoke in Germany’s fate been up?” Kraft said – “until May 1945.”

“And my future?”

Kraft replied – “As strong as the fire of the sun and as safe as a bunker.”

History has it that on April 29, 1945, Hitler married his girlfriend (Evavran) in a bunker in Berlin, and the next day both shot themselves. Before committing suicide, Hitler ordered the acolytes to burn Eva and his corpses with petrol. The meaning is that the good or bad deeds that a man does in his present, they definitely have an effect on his formerly unseen. A mysterious thing in the cosmic side of astrology is that the planets are not the regulators of fruits, but the pointers. That is, the planets do not give happiness or sorrow to anyone, but

They give information about the upcoming happiness and sorrow. In such a situation, the mountainous region called Delphi near Angais, the seaside area of ​​Greece.

There was a temple of the god Apollo, whose ruins are still present today. In the fourth century BCE, the priestesses of Delphi performed the work of divination according to the ‘Lal Kitab’ on special days called the Pythia. She used to predict from the horoscope based on the lines of the hand. At the same time, Emperor Nero of Rome wished to inquire about his future from Pythia of Delphi. After much effort, he reached Delphi after a long journey. Seeing him entering the holy temple of Apollo, Pythia, who was present there cried out, “Go away, kill the mother and stay away from 73.” It is said that due to this humiliation, Nero got out of control. He ordered all the priests of Delphi and the priestess to be buried alive in the ground by cutting off her hands and feet, and her bodyguards destroyed the temple. Nero thought that the priestess had seen him as 73 years old, but the priestess meant something else. The one who grabbed the chair by killing Nero was Galba. His age was 73 years. That Galba killed Nero only after completing 73 years.

There is another similar incident. It is said that the emperor Croesis of Lydia had planned to invade Persia in the 6th century BCE, because he had a rift with the Persian emperor Samaras. To find out whether he would be successful in his purpose, he sent his messenger to Delphi. The then Pythia had replied- “If the river is crossed by Hailas, then hear Emperor Crosis, Shabu will become a big empire.”

Croesis also wanted to know- “How long will my rule last? Who will be his successor? Will the dumb prince even speak?” Then the Pythia told him a strange prophecy

शासनतबतकचले, जबतकखच्चरनपायेसिंहासन।गूंगाराजकुमारजोबोले, आयेआफतजायेशासन।होसंबंधघनेरणपहले, ग्रीकराष्ट्रोंमेंजोहै।सबलतमबिल्कुलयहसचसच, क्रोइसिस।आगसेभीजीवितनिकलेगा, एकबड़ासाम्राज्यमिटेगा।