Jupiter : Guru of all Planets The planet Jupiter is equivalently called Guru or Brihaspati. This monster planet has an incredible part in the existence of individual. The planet is supposed to be exceptionally spiritual. It is the image of commitment, love and prayer. The planet Brihaspati is perhaps the best […]

Mercury: Prince of All Planets Mercury is a marker of knowledge, trade, instruction, books, humor, researchers, criminals and astrologers. Vedic sage Parasara depicts him; “Mercury is enriched with an alluring constitution and the ability to utilize words with numerous implications. He is attached to jokes…”.The planet likewise reflects the family undertakings […]

Shani or Shani Maharaj is perhaps the most feared planets in Vedic Astrology. Dasha’s like Shani Dasha, Shani Dhaiya or Shani Shade Sati are connected with Shani or Saturn. Also, as individuals are afraid of the planet so much, a few astrologer utilize his name just to cause fear in brain […]