All About Solar Eclipse 2021 (Surya Grahan)

A Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) is an astronomical phenomenon in which the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and the Sun’s image is hidden from the Moon. During this event, the Sun, Earth and Moon come in a straight line.

Solar Eclipse 2021, Solar Eclipse Time, Surya Grahan

Vedic Period and Eclipse:

According to Rigveda, Maharishi Atrimuni was the first teacher to give the knowledge of Eclipse. Study, contemplation and testing have been going on since Vedic period. According to the mathematics of Astronomers, only 7 Eclipses are possible in a year.

Eclipses to Happen in 2021:

According to Astrology, there are going to be two Solar Eclipses and two lunar eclipses in the year 2021. The first of these Eclipses was the Lunar Eclipse, which took place on 26 May. After that, now the first Solar Eclipse of this year is going to happen on 10 June. According to the Panchang, the second Lunar Eclipse of this year will be on November 19 and the second Eclipse will be on December 4.

Solar Eclipse, June 10, 2021:

This year according to the calendar, the first Solar Eclipse of 2021 will take place on Jyeshtha Amavasya, Thursday 10th June. This day is also Shani Jayanti and along with it Vat Savitri Vrat (fast) will also be observed.

Where will the Effect of Solar Eclipse Occur:

This Eclipse will be partially visible mainly in North America, Europe and Asia / Apart from this, it will be completely visible in northern Canada, Greenland and Russia. This Eclipse will be partially visible in India.

In India, the Eclipse will be visible only in some areas of Arunachal Pradesh, in some areas of Jammu and Kashmir, as much as 3 percent. Apart from this, this Eclipse will not be visible anywhere in India.

Solar Eclipse Time in India:

This Eclipse will start on 10th June 2021 at 1:42 pm and will end at 6:41pm.

Solar Eclipse 2021, Solar Eclipse Time, Surya Grahan

Sutak period of solar eclipse:

This Eclipse is going to be visible only partially in India. The scholars have considered such a short-grasp Eclipse to be unimportant. No Sutak period will be valid. This also means that the doors of any Hindu temple are not closed in case of Eclipse.

Beliefs in Solar Eclipse:

According to Religious Puranas, Rāhu and Ketu eclipses the Sun and the Moon. At the time of Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan), the power of stomach, eyes and pitta weakens. This Eclipse is going to be visible only partially in India. It is believed that by donating grass to cows, food to birds and clothes to the needy at the time of Eclipse, manifold virtues are attained.

To Do And Not To Do in Solar Eclipse 2021 (Surya Grahan)

What to do in Solar Eclipse 2021:

The Solar Eclipse time should be used properly in the worship of God, chanting, Bhajan Kirtan and Mantra accomplishment.

What not to do during Solar Eclipse 2021:

Applying oil during Eclipse, eating food, drinking water, defecation, urinating, playing, brushing is prohibited during Solar Eclipse. According to religious beliefs, placing basil leaves or Durva etc. on food items is not considered contaminated.

What to do at the end of eclipse 2021:

According to Religious beliefs, when the Eclipse period ends, then by sprinkling Gangajal in the house, any side effects of the rays of the eclipse are eliminated. After the Eclipse is over, there is also a law to take bath and donate to the Brahmin.

Solar Eclipse and Pregnant Women:

What to do:

During Eclipse Pregnant women should worship Suryadev, Aditya Hriday Stotra. Apart from this, one should continuously chant the mantra of your Ishta, so that you can get mental strength. After the Eclipse ends, the pregnant woman should take a bath. It must be done so that there is no ill-effects of the contaminated waves of the Eclipse. Pregnant women can only eat fruits during the Eclipse.

What not to do:

Pregnant women should not watch the Eclipse because due to the ill effects of the contaminated waves of the Eclipse, the baby can become handicapped and loose physical fitness, the possibility of miscarriage also increases. Do not touch the baby, It has a negative effect on the organs of the baby.

Havan/Pooja for Solar Eclipse 2021 (Surya Grahan)

You can also perform Pooja or Havan rather than chanting Mantras which can be more righteous and good. If you don’t have exact knowledge about this, then you can also consult any Pandit (Astrologer) .Samyak Astro Point also offers Online Pooja for eclipse which is great in this Covid times.

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