Shani Dev: Friend or Enemy?

Shani or Shani Maharaj is perhaps the most feared planets in Vedic Astrology. Dasha’s like Shani Dasha, Shani Dhaiya or Shani Shade Sati are connected with Shani or Saturn. Also, as individuals are afraid of the planet so much, a few astrologer utilize his name just to cause fear in brain of common people. They endorse all strange cures with the guarantee that such cures will minimize Shani’s unsafe impacts on one. In any case, every last bit of it is only a delusion.

Lord Shani

Lord Shani , Shani Dev
Shani Dev Image

The Hindu God, Shani, is a mighty god accepted to avoid hard times and eliminate problems. Shani is the master of the planet Saturn, and is praised on Saturday, which in a real sense implies Saturn Day. The word Shani, otherwise called Shanaishchar, in a real sense implies the person who moves gradually and thinking about that Saturn requires around thirty years to revolve around the Sun, the name is an able one for the ruler of the planet. Shani is likewise known by numerous different names like Sauraa (the child of Sun God), Mandaa (moderate, dull), Kroor Drishti/Lochan), Pangu (handicapped), Saptaarchi (seven-eyed), Asit (dim complexioned), and so on These names are related either with his character or legends related with him.

In spite of the fact that Shani is apparently a brutal planet with an inclination for punishing the humans, yet he isn’t an evil presence. He exacts a wide range of pain, creates setbacks, raises problems and misery. Nonetheless, the first significant thing to note is that he never kill anyone. Curiously, he is an incredible holy person and the King of the profound world. Without his assistance/endowments, no holy person in this world has at any point accomplished spirituality.

The otherworldly accomplishment of our past and present Gurus, Rishis and Saints is because of planet Shani. For instance, Lord Ramakrishna, the eighteenth-century most noteworthy at any point holy person from Bengal, had the two his sun sign and moon sign represented and possessed by Lord Saturn or Shani Dev, that is Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius). Shani signifies spirituality, delays, problems, crows, pain, wretchedness and distress, tolerance, difficult work, dark tone, all metals and mining work, oil removal underneath the dirt, bones, nerves and lower part of the body.

Lord Shani’s Best and Worst Zodiac Signs

Shani Dasha / Saturn Transit

Shani is the most obstructive planet for a Cancer ascendant/sign. He gives most extreme agony to individuals having a place with this ascendant during Shani’s Sade Sati, Dhaiya or Shani Dasha. One justification Shanidev to give the most extreme agony to the Cancer sign/ascendant individuals is on the grounds that the Cancer sign is a water sign. The Moon rules Cancer and Moon is the greatest foe of Saturn. Likewise, Shanidev dispenses most extreme difficulty in the existences of other Water Signs as well – Scorpio and Pisces. The degree of suffering he dispenses relies upon the position of Jupiter in his/her birth chart.

For other signs, Shanidev delivers lesser harm yet the effect of harms or discipline done shifts from one individual to another depending on their karma. Shani Dev is a karmic planet and his effect on you relies on your karma. In the event that your karma is acceptable, sacrificial and genuine you would not be hurt by Shani. A day to day existence liberated from desire, wants, envy, voracity, connection, vengeance, and so on, will help stifle the impact of Shani doesn’t matter what bhava he involves in our birth chart.

How to get Positive results from Lord Shani?

Lord Shiva is the God of Shanidev and Hanumanji is praised by him. So during Shani Dasha, we should recite Lord Shiva Mantra “Om Shivai Namaah” daily and furthermore Hanuman Chalisa to expand our psychological strength and lessen Shanidev’s burdens.

I hope the above is useful to you. If you want more effective remedies regarding Shani Dasha or any other dasha’s , please do not hesitate to contact us.

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