Mercury’s Impact Over Zodiac Signs

Mercury: Prince of All Planets

Mercury / Buddh

Mercury is a marker of knowledge, trade, instruction, books, humor, researchers, criminals and astrologers. Vedic sage Parasara depicts him; “Mercury is enriched with an alluring constitution and the ability to utilize words with numerous implications. He is attached to jokes…”.The planet likewise reflects the family undertakings throughout everyday life. It is identified with significant serenity, income, keenness, schooling and business, in the event that it is great. Mercury in Vedic astrology is also called “BUDH”, the stirred separating keenness and the piece of us that knows. Mercury is benefice whenever related with spiritualty planets, and malefic is related with malefic planets. He is known as Prince of all planets, or ruler of the planets.

Mercury in Different Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Sign

When Mercury is in the Aries horoscope, native has thin body, is learned, affectionate, writer and teacher. There is a lot of interest in singing and dancing. Native is a polygamy and a destroyer of money acquired in hard work, a borrower, a fickle and stable. The person is popular and maker of copied items.

If Mercury is in Taurus during birth then the native has heavy beautiful body and lord of his beloved woman. He is scholar and earner of good wealth and happiness. He speaks sweet and gentle speech, is a lover of clothes, music and beauty-lover and a comedian.

If Mercury is in Gemini, then the native is exploratory, adorable and spokesperson. Such a person usually has two wives and has many sons and grandchildren and friends. Native is disputant, theologian, one who renounces happiness, is a little rite, independent poet and giver.

If at the time of birth Mercury is in Cancer, then the native is a scholar, foreign traveller, destroyer of wealth by squabbling with a woman, attached with woman and singing, poets, non-sense talker, The one who has malice to brothers and sisters, doing many tasks together and gaining fame due to ancestors.

If Mercury is in the Leo horoscope then the native has weak memory, is devoid of knowledge and art, popular, misleading, deficient of women’s face, friend of others and against his clan, deprived of children, inferior and has hate against brothers.

By having Mercury in Virgo, the native is a god lover, writer, expert of art and poetry, moderate power, worshiped by great sages, lover of science and craftsmanship, generous heart, beloved of woman, lover of debates and glorious.

If the Mercury is in a Libra zodiac, then the person will be eloquent, spend the money at will, trade in the country and abroad, serve the God-Brahmin and guest, short tempered, but will also be calm soon. Popular, patriotic, playful, and engaged in craft works.

Mercury in Scorpio makes a person suffer from jealousy, grief and confusion. Such a person is of rebellious nature, a partaker of mourning and evil and shameless, foolish, blasphemous, a wicked woman’s husband, a copyist, and thief.

If the birth is in the Mercury Sagittarius sign, then the native is brilliant, clever in speaking, good-natured and brave. Knowledge of music and Veda, mighty, expert in scripture and workmanship, knowledgeable of writing, loves fasting, giver, minister, royalist, surpassing in his clan, and having compassion in oblations. Such a native do teaching work.

The person in whose Mercury is in Capricorn is despicable, stupid and impotent. He is a slave who does the work of others. He has a tendency to complain. He is abandoned by the friends and family. Unqualified, a lover of gold, has been suffering from rash, malaise and maternal sorrows.

The sign of Mercury Aquarius makes the native pure and decent, others torment him. He is unapologetic and unfit for sexual actions, tendency of servant, very envious, uncircumcised, goose and ugly. Karma is not done by him. Such a person who follows many religions is not able to maintain any one religion.

If you are in Pisces during birth, then the native is very good in speaking, has less children, gets favourable wife, a foreign resident, pure conduct, dear to others who follow the religion, scholar of science and Vedic knowledge. Loves to usurp others goods and has knowledge about sewing-embroidery.

May Mercury help and present you with every one of the great ways, we wish.

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