Consequences of Sun in Zodiac Signs

sun impact over zodiac sign

According to Hinduism, Sun is also called as RAVI, or SURYA. He is viewed as harm causing in light of the hot, dry in nature. The Sun manages the Sign of Leo. He is magnified in the Aries sign, and he is in his fall in the Libra zodiac. The Sun is known as the ATMAKARAKA. This comes from the Sanskrit ATMA meaning soul, and KARAKA meaning marker. As “marker of the spirit” the Sun is the supplier of life. The Sun is the pointer of the dad, our sense of self, praises, status, popularity, the heart, the eyes, general imperativeness, regard and force. The Sun is in his most grounded situation straightforwardly overhead in the tenth House.

Sun’s Impact over Zodiac Signs

Sun impact over Zodiac Sign

If Sun is in Aries horoscope, the person is warlike and fierce. He is a lover of all the arts and is adept at teaching. The bones of such natives are strong, but engaged in the works of courage, have blood and biliary disorders. If the Sun exalts (up to the tenth degrees) then such a person is a king.

Note: Today, the word king signify high authority or specialness, hence the meaning should be taken to be more wealthy, big landowner, or big government officer.

If the sun is in Taurus in the horoscope, then the person has diseases of the mouth and eyes. Such person loves perfumes, floral-scented items, and music. He gets tasty food and beautiful clothes. He is a vehicle lover and friend with many.

The Sun of Gemini makes the native meritorious, sweet-spoken, and friend-lover. Such a person is rich, generous, and knowledgeable in astrology. Such a person can have two mothers and is also proficient in science and other scriptures.

The native is famous as a king by being the Sun of Cancer sign. He has diseases of phlegm and bile. Person is a great learner, a sweet talker, and humble. Such person hates his parents and is saddened by confusion.

The native is hostile because of Sun being in Leo. He roams in places like forest and mountains. He is very angry, a special enthusiast, and a non-vegetarian. Such a person often does not lie and is a great man, a brave, very talkative, a recipient of constant force, rich and famous.

The Sun of Virgo makes the native-like a woman with soft and soft limbs. Such a person is a servant of God, father, and gurus, etc. Such person has skills of pressing the feet and speaks lowly words. Person is a short-tempered, simple,and greedy. Such a native writer, verdict, brilliant and instrumental in playing instruments, etc.

The Sun in Libra sign makes the person grieved by loss, and expenses. A wicked, lowly nature, who loves nothing, wanders abroad in vain. He makes a living by selling gold, iron, etc. The person has a very dirty mind and don’t like others.

The native is extremely quarrelsome due to sun being in Scorpio and does not stop even when interrupted. Such a person is a liar, and act contrary to the vedas , is foolish and a husband of evil women. Does not obey the parents, is always afraid of fire and is greedy and lowly.

The Sun in Sagittarius makes the person Brahmin-devotee, scholar, and disciple of Guru. The brothers are beneficent, tactful, and adored by gentlemen. He has a special mastery of weapons. The body is beautiful and gross and rich, loved by the scholar and the king.

The sun in Capricorn zodiac makes the person more interested in characterless women. He is despicable and greedy. Has enmity with gentlemen. Often surrounded by sorrows, is unfit to make friends and cannot be believed.

 Due to Sun being in Aquarius, the native is stable and functional. The gentleman condemns it. It is very angry and adulterous. Often surrounded by sorrows. Such type of person are not able to make friends and cannot be trusted. The person is a short-sighted and sluggish.

Being a sun sign Pisces is very friendly to the native and he is the father of obedient sons. Such a native lies so sweet, which every person cannot understand. Brothers are more numerous, servants get happiness. Are Conqueror of enemies, secret patient, rich and famous.

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