Why are Bells installed in Temple, Religious and Scientific Reasons

The most special thing about India is that people of different religions live together here. Here at one place you will get to hear the sound of bhajan kirtan of the temple, on the other hand you will start your morning by listening to the Nawaz of Majid. In India, you will find temples, majids, gurudwaras, churches, all kinds of religious places. Every religious place has its own rules, however all the rules have to be followed by visiting these places. On one hand, where in the Gurudwara you are asked to keep a cloth on your head, on the other hand you are asked to maintain peace in many places. If we talk about the temple, then you must have noticed that before entering the temple, you first ring the bell or whenever we do worship or aarti in the house, then we definitely ring the bell. Let us tell you that there are both scientific and religious reasons behind ringing the bell.

Temple Bell rang by women hand

Religious reasons-

  • It is believed that when we enter a temple, a bell is rung to seek the permission of the deity present in the temple or to attract his attention.
  • It is also said that many times the deities of the temple are sleeping, in such a situation, they should be awakened first by ringing the bell and then worship should be done.
  • The bell is also rang for the happiness of the deities. It is said that the deities like the sound of bell and conch. The deities are pleased with the sound of the bell and shower their blessings on the devotees. This is the reason why the bell is rung in the temple. That is why while entering the temple, make sure to chant the bell, and stand under the bell for some time and enjoy the bell. It is believed that the sound of the bell keeps peace and happiness in your life.




Scientific reason-

  • Scientists say that by ringing the bell, a vibration is created in the environment. By spreading this vibration in the atmosphere, bacteria, viruses, such micro-organisms etc. get destroyed and the atmosphere becomes pure. There is a positive atmosphere everywhere.
  • This is the reason that the places where the ringing of the bell comes regularly, there is communication of positive powers and negativity is removed. Along with this, the sound of bells has a very deep effect on the human mind and mind as well.
  • It gives a feeling of calmness, which reduces the stress level to a great extent. For this reason, people also install wind chimes on the doors and windows of the house, so that negative energies can be removed from its sound and positive energies can enter the house.
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