Venus’s Impact over Zodiac Sign


The planet Venus is unaffected by the origins of the grizzly of the same name though: Venus is simply a passionate romantic who loves to make love. In your natal chart, Venus dominates courtship, worship, and personal hobbies and aesthetics. Venus represents your worth, including your relationship with your finances and physical assets. This planet deals with all the joys, so Venus just sit back, relax, and get what it wants. Yes, folks, Venus is having a good life this celestial body is all a luxury.

Zodiac Sign

Impact over Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo Zodiac Sign

If Venus is in Aries at the time of birth then the native is a doubtful lust, indulgent in kidnapping another woman, jealous, wandering in the forest, prostitute, faithless, tough-tempered, commander and grammarian.

If there is Venus in Taurus at the time of birth, then the native is a farmer, who makes a living from serving cows i.e. milkman, beneficial for many, beautiful, rich, donor, knowledgeable of many scriptures with moral thoughts, superior in his family, ornate with multi-coloured gemstone and clothes. Person is addicted in gaining knowledge.

If Venus is in Gemini during the time of birth, then the native is writer, clever in poetry, earning from raga and dance, Dev-Brahmin-devotee, with clever voice , loves to serve guests, philanthropist, with more friends, lover of paintings and proficient in debate and science.

If Venus is in Cancer at the time of birth, then the person knows religion, wishes for wealth and happiness, is ritualistic, simple nature, formative, have morality. One suffers from diseases due to alcohol consumption and gets upset due to the fault of his clan.

In spite of the pleasures of the native being in the Leo zodiac sign of Venus during his birth, the person is not happy: he is a lover of friends, enamoured in a woman, weak strength, is philanthropist, knowledgeable in craftsmanship and wishes for bizarre pleasures.

Due to Venus in Virgo, the native will be engaged in various types of works, a pilgrim, with more daughters and few sons and a priest in the assembly. Because of being extremely sensual native has venereal diseases, sweet speaker, living in the service of the second person, simple heart and knowledge of art and script.

Impact over Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Zodiac Sign

If Venus is in her own house Libra at the time of birth, native is the protector of people, skilled in doing the most difficult work, blessed by the state, wise, businessman, brave, earning money through hard work in migration, living under the influence of the soul and having sons and all materialistic things.

If Venus is in Scorpio at the time of birth, then the native has foe in his behaviour, a husband of an opposite nature, a malicious nature, wasting money in other’s wife’s affairs and lawsuits, is an atheist, a rage, a kami and a debtor.

The native is worshipped in his community due to the presence of Sagittarius in Venus horoscope. He is King’s Secretary, religious, bearer of sweet fruit in every work. Has self-respect, virtuous, tall and heavy body.

If Venus is in Capricorn at the time of birth, then the native will serve others, is fool, afflicted, weak body, has attachment with old lady, heart patient, greedy, lie behind greed and cheat others. One is going to be sad due to fear of expenses.

If Venus is in the Aquarius zodiac sign at the time of birth, then the person do non-sense work, adultery, opposing the gurus and sons, is unrighteous and devoid of clothes and filthy.

If there is a Pisces zodiac in Pisces at the time of birth, then the native keeps the enemy down, benevolent, beloved of the king and rich in wisdom, clever, charity, virtuous, rich, respected by gentlemen, rich and knowledgeable of his words.

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