Mars’s Impact over Zodiac Sign

The color of Mars is red and it is naturally considered to be an angry and male planet. In a horoscope, the planet Mars reigns courage and confidence. Wise Crew Mars represents the military, soldiers, warriors, builders, engineers, and real estate companies. The famous surgeons also have the good positions of Mars in their charts.

Impact over Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo Zodiac

Zodiac Sign

Due to Mars in Aries zodiac, the native is fiery with his words, glorious and heroic. He is good leader or the head of the community. He enjoys special pleasure in courageous activities. He believes in charity, no enemy will find a chance to stand in front of him, loved by women and owner of cow, goat, sheep etc. animals.

Due to the Mars of Taurus, person disowns the respect and dignity of women i.e. he is rapist. He gets less of wealth and sons, he has enmity with brothers and friend. He is very imprudent and unpleasant with his speech. Such native is polygamous, untrustworthy and stigmatized.

 If there is a Mars in Gemini sign at the time of birth, then the native is migrant, is divine and enlightened. He has a benign body shape and is proficient in poetry and craftsmanship. He is a scholarly and clever with speech.

Mars of Cancer sign compels the native to live in another’s house. Such a person is suffering from problems and diseases. Tender by nature and humble in every way. He loves to eat other’s food like a parasite. In old age all the body has to suffer.

If Mars is in the zodiac sign at the time of birth, then the native will have a beautiful body. He is strong, bulky and sublimate. He does not have tolerance and adopts foreign money and children.

If there is Mars in Virgo, then the native is a little brave, very prodigal and afraid of enemies. He is clever in praising others, scholar, gentlemen and of rubicund complexion. One who believes in revelation, memories and propounded religion. He has beautiful body and uses fragrant things during bathing.

Impact over Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Zodiac Sign

Native is excursive when the Sagittarius has Mars is in the horoscope. He likes to show off. His body is injured by sword or any sharp-edged weapon. One lives his livelihood by selling liquor and consumes money earned by a prostitute.

If Mars is in Scorpio horoscope then the native does business and becomes devoted to business only. He is of criminal nature, liar, slugger, landlord, revengeful. He is the leader of thieves, skilled in work and the victim of poison, fire and weapons.

When Mars is situated in Sagittarius in the horoscope, the person is weakly bodily, subjugated, cunning, hard-spoken, war-wielding, wrathful, destroyer of wealth and happiness with his high temper. His women and children are also dangerous for him. He will earn very less reward with lot of hard work and will keep grudge with his well-wishers.

If there is a Mars of Capricorn in the horoscope, then the person is healthy, rich in wealth, the husband of an affable woman, lives in his own country, defeats enemies in the battlefield, protects others, superior, famous and prominent.

The native has no humility, purity, is swindler, gossip lover and destroyer of money by falsehood due to Mars in Aquarius sign. Such a person dies with misery. He wears dirty clothes and appears older than his age. There would be more hair on the body. Huh. He consumes alcohol and has no fate. Mars in Pisces sign horoscope makes native morbid, migrant, Defeated and humiliated by friends and family. He will spend his wealth on excessive rituals and thugs. The person disrespects gurus, is pleased with his praise, the person’s dies because of deception (cheating). He dies with illustriousness.

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